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That cocky, tempermental, brat of a boy -

That damned braided genius, Elric.

Edward Elric
2 February
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Name; Edward Elric.
Age; 17.
D.O.B; February 2nd, 1899.
Gender; Male.
Occupation; State Alchemist, Ranking Major in the Amestris Military.
Height; 5'2"/157.48 cm. (5'4"/162.56cm with his boots on.)
Weight; Heavier than he should be.
Blood Type; B.
Dexterity; Ambidextrous.
Hometown; Risembool, Amestris.
Relationship Status; Single.
Sexual Disposition; Asexual Undecided.

→ Edward Elric is what many would consider the epitome of a brat gone bad. One can easily observe that this includes him being hot-tempered, foul-mouthed, cocky, impatient, as well as downright rude; all of which, during the most inappropriate times. He is brash and stubborn, often defiant in some cases, and has the tendency for being a lot of trouble. Edward has a lot of pride within himself and can sometimes resort to melodramatic measures. Effectively still acting like the child he pretends not to be, the boy is prone to bouts of immaturity as well more subtle childish things. He has a strong fear of needles, hates milk with an endless burning passion, and can hold an eternity of a grudge.

Besides his obnoxious side, Edward is naturally a good person with an easy-going and laid-back disposition. He is quick-witted and highly intelligent, a prodigy at that. At first glance, Edward can come off as a rough, loud-mouthed, jerk that has some serious temper problems. Despite the tough front that he puts up, to those that Ed comes to care about, he is more than willing to help and go out of his way for them. Although he may not want to display this kind of affection and gratitude publicly or openly, he means well and does care. A prime example of this is Edward’s younger brother, Alphonse. Al is Edward's world, everything revolves around him. He loves Al dearly, and would go through Hell and back for him. Ed can also prove to handle being mature when need-be, even if he does have his moments.

Since the boy is vertically-challenged, Ed has a horrible hang-up about his height, and blows his temper and just about everything else out of proportion. Ed is a scientist – an Alchemist - and strongly believes in the concept of ‘Equivalent Exchange’, almost to a religious default. Ed is something more of an idealist and does not believe in God. He suffers from a huge guilt complex problem – possibly post traumatic stress disorder – from the loss of his brothers’ body and their failed resurrection attempt of their mother. Edward can also be very aloof and naive about the world despite the amount of horrible things that he’s been a witness towards.



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→ This is a Roleplay LJ for the character Edward Elric taken from the first Anime series of Fullmetal Alchemist, played by magicsfiend.

Fullmetal Alchemist / Edward Elric is © to Hiromu Arakawa/Square Enix, FUNimation, MBS, ANX, BONES, dentsu 2004. I own nothing and do not make any sort of profit in any way plausible. I'm just a fan. Also, I am not Edward Elric, all of this is purely fictional work.
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