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[Nothing to say ; Loss for words]

[Drop Post]

Posted on Tuesday, October 6th, 2009 at 10:40 pm
I'm doing this with a heavy heart, because I've tried so hard to hold onto Ed and this community for as long as I could. I can't believe I'm typing this or saying what I am, but most of you probably saw this coming months ago. It's not fair to the players or characters of this game with how inactive Edward is. I've tried several times to bring him back, but I don't think I ever really was able to make a full recovery. It's obvious that my priorities have shifted and that real life has taken the top right now. As much as it kills me to admit this - I just don't have the time to dedicate to roleplay that I used to.

I really am at a loss with what to say, but I will try and end this as positively as I can. Edward had an amazing journey here - I've been playing at AD for well over a year - and I can honestly say that I'll cherish all of the wonderful, crazy, hilarious, sad, and shocking roleplay moments for later years to come. Thank you for allowing me to experience those awesome memories, AD, and thank you to everyone with whom Edward interacted with. You guys are what make roleplay so special. FMA Cast, you guys are incredible. Thank you for everything.

While biding my farewell, I also bid my apology, and hope that one day soon I will be able to get reacquainted with roleplaying and pass by here again. Until then -

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49th Transmutation » [Accidental Video;]

Posted on Tuesday, September 1st, 2009 at 8:46 am
⌈Coordinates⌋: Outside;
⌈Feelin'⌋: embarrassedembarrassed
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[Edward's PCD video flickers on suddenly and reveals... grass. A whole lot of it. The video feed isn't obscured by it, but there's definitely a lot of grass going on there. There's some shuffling off-screen, a faint curse, and then more shuffling.]

...Where the hell is...

[Definitely Edward's voice trailing off right there. The sound of his boots moving across the lawn are all that can be heard after, until Ed suddenly moves on-screen from the left. The only thing that can be seen of him due to the angle, however, is the lower half of his body. He stays stood where he is for a moment before he pivots and turns toward what looks to be a tree.]

Aw hell, come on... Did it have to be all the way up there?

[There's some leaning going on now, and then some stretching. He steps away from the tree after, and then starts jumping. If he's jumping, it can't be that high up. After four tries, he breathes out a heavy, exasperated sigh.]

This is so stupid. Especially when it's right there! Should've just climbed the damned thing. [He taps his foot for a moment and a 'hmm' is softly heard before a distinct clap happens after. There's a flash of vibrant blue for a split-second and once it clears a little wooden step-stool can be seen within Edward's hands. He sets it on the ground and steps up on it, reaching up and finally pulling down his skateboard. It definitely had to have been on the first branch of the tree. With his skateboard tucked underneath his arm, Edward steps off of the step-stool and down onto the ground again.]

Man that was kinda embarrassing. [He gives a little snicker after, walking off.] Glad no one saw that!

[OOC: Sorry for everything lately, everyone. Trying to balance this all out.]

[What can you say? ; Looking back]

48th Transmutation » [Accidental Video;]

Posted on Monday, August 17th, 2009 at 3:07 pm
⌈Coordinates⌋: Whipstaff; [BLOCKED]
⌈Feelin'⌋: blankblank
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[The feed flips on to reveal a dimly lit living-room, the only source of light seeming to be coming from off-screen. Thick shadows creep across the wooden flooring, inching their way across a couch that's a few good feet away from the PCD. Laying across the couch is Edward, a book in hand, who is oblivious to the video that has been switched on. He looks odd; having not been seen or heard from in awhile is troubling in itself, but besides that the boy looks slightly unkept... and paler. Definitely paler.

He sits there, nearly perfectly still, save for his light breathing and occasional blinking. He's staring. Staring at the book in front of him. It then becomes very apparent that Ed isn't even reading. His eyes aren't moving back and forth across the pages. They never had been. A few minutes pass before Edward suddenly just stands, leaving the book on the couch, and moves off-screen. The feed eventually simply times out.

[OOC: And here's Ed, guys. <3; Told you all I'd get him back into the game~!]


AND IT'S EVERYWHERE. It got all inside my damned pants and the pockets!

It's hotter than hell too, and my automail is making me boil to death. Should really find my coat.


[OOC: Ed had been off doing research again, reviewing the notes and papers from the Inner City Incursion; thus his absence. He'd only been around very sparsely, only checking in on Alphonse to see how he was managing in the clinic. Very shortly after that, all communication was lost with Ed. The reason being? His PCD got lost. Lame, but it would explain a lot. Now Ed's back, a newly forged PCD in hand and ready for action~]

[The feed clicks on to show Edward slouched within a chair, most of the video only able to capture his upper body due to the angle. His right elbow is cast to the arm of the chair; his hand pressed against his forehead, fingers lightly squeezing his temples. The expression on his face is dark and grim, bright ambers seeming to be smouldering. There's a moment before he says anything.]

I'm really fucking tired of these games, you son of a bitches. If I ever manage to get a hold of one of you Animus fucks, I swear you won't soon forget it.

[His eyes travel away from the PCD for a moment, as though he's thinking, before they soon return. He lets a sigh go, shaking his head and squeezing his eyes shut for a moment before the video is switched to text.]

[Filtered to Kakashi & Anko ∇ Unhackable]Collapse )

[Filtered to Touya ∇ Unhackable]Collapse )

[Filtered to Alphonse ∇ Unhackable]Collapse )

[Filtered to Trisha ∇ Unhackable]Collapse )

[Haughty; Why yes I am the best~]

45th Transmutation » [Text;]

Posted on Sunday, May 17th, 2009 at 5:31 pm
⌈Coordinates⌋: Elrics' Apartment;
⌈Feelin'⌋: determineddetermined
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-Drink. More. Milk.

[OOC: Strikes gone. Okay, so this is totally something for fun. (Thanks for the idea, Jackie~!) I'm not sure how many characters here are shorter than Ed, but if you'd like your character to be on that list, just say so~! Also, with the characters that I already listed, I'm taking a guess? 8D; If you don't want your character on list, again, say so. As for how Ed managed to get the height of the characters listed, we could totally say he went and spied or something. You know how obsessive he gets about height! Ed's height and stats are listed in his user info. <3 Yes, he grew just a bit. >[]

[Not impressed ; Kinda don&#39;t believe you

44th Transmutation » [Text;]

Posted on Sunday, May 10th, 2009 at 5:15 pm
⌈Coordinates⌋: Elrics' Apartment;
⌈Feelin'⌋: moodymoody
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FUCKING GOOD. I got my damned body back.

Having Setsuna's body wasn't so bad, I guess. Just missed my alchemy~ And oh so amazing looks. Psh.


[OOC: Strikes gone.]

[Grin ; Sexy]

[OOC] Family Bonding Bandwagon | Edward Elric

Posted on Saturday, May 9th, 2009 at 1:55 pm
⌈Feelin'⌋: cheerfulcheerful


Here, we've even got a Family Tree worked off! Thanks for making this, Pen~! ♥

If you want in on this, just say so~! I think there's still a bit of room left in the Sibling department for a possible sister! There may also be room for more Aunts! Who knows! Just throw an idea out there and we'll go from there.

Plot tiems and whatever else you may have in mind, feel free to plot with me over AIM or e-mail. Feel free also to tell me if I missed someone or such. M'sorry if I did! This family is amazingly hard to keep track of, rofl.

Important Sibling Note: Whoever wants to/becomes Edward's brother/sister - we need to have serious plot tiems. Because we have to discuss Edward's automail!limbs and how his new siblings relate to that~

[The PCD's video feed pops on and Edward - now apparently Setsuna - is sat up in bed and appears to be strangely tracing the palm of his right hand with a finger. His hair is a mess, which indicates that he's probably just woken up, or at least only been awake for a few minutes. His expression seems to be slightly mesmerized, nearly curious. The boy suddenly moves away from looking at his right hand, as though he's suddenly remembered something. His left hand rushes down towards where his left leg is, pulling up the covers slightly in order to feel it. For a moment, he simply stays in that position, hidden thoughts turning behind those eyes... and then at all once he snaps back to life and shoves off of the bed in a hasty manner. He disappears from off screen a few seconds later.

The feed times out on its own.

[OOC: Post backdated to yesterday morning.]

[The PCD's video feed clicks on. The only thing that can be seen at the moment is a ceiling. Loud booted footsteps are heard nearby however, and they seem to be making haste.]


[Definitely Edward's voice there, and he does not sound happy in the slightest. His voice is actually stained with worry and annoyance; more worry than anything else. The sound of his footsteps fade, as it's obvious he's probably making his way out of the current room.]

[His voice can be heard from outside of the room, possibly downstairs, but it's echo-y now.]


[It suddenly becomes very quiet, Ed having stopping calling, until there's a very loud punching sound that's heard from downstairs. The punch connected with something, oh yes, most likely the wall.]


[The booted footsteps are heard making way their up the stairs again. Edward's face suddenly appears within the video after that, and instantly there's a dangerous scowl across his face once he realizes the PCD has probably been recording. He picks it up, and the last thing that is shown on the video feed is the ground. The last thing heard is a deafening shattering noise.]

[OOC: As per this post, Alphonse has been missing since mid-yesterday. Because of this, Ed is doing what he does best when Al is missing. Go beserk. So he's put a huge dent somewhere downstairs in the Elric apartment, busted his PCD up (Which doesn't really matter. He can fix it using alchemy anyway.), and gone out searching for Alphonse by himself. Oh, he's super pissed.]

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